The Internet of Things


The term the Internet of Things has been a highly discussed topic and there are a lot of projects in the area of information and communication technologies worldwide being prepared that want to use the advantages of gaining and sharing information. The Internet of Things can be any source of data and that's why IoT involves nearly all areas of human activities. The definition of what the Internet of Things means is not definite and thanks to the wide spectrum of usage it is difficult to define it. To simplify it, however the name contains the words Internet and the things, IoT is mainly about gaining data, comparing them and future usage in order to increase the quality or goals.


Our company sees the Internet of Things as a part of everyday life and is happening all around us. We realize that nowadays it is essential to understand and gain information sooner and that's why we have come with our own solutions in to this field.

Smart city

The Internet of Things is an ideal tool to build a smart city with. The use of various technologies and their extensive installations in complicated solutions have to be organized and brought into one unit for the citizens who live or work in the city.

Industry 4.0

From the industrial point of view, the Internet of Things is the main integration platform which connects the entire information available from robotics as well as half automated production lines, logistics and stocks in one unit.


The Internet of Things enables farmers and growers to increase the productivity of soil cultivation, improve growing crops and increase animal breeding. By using easily installed sensors it is possible to gain invaluable information.

Smart living

Households have become smarter thanks to using the Internet of Things. With the help of simple sensors and external data sources, they monitor events in their surroundings and they are able to effectively react to new situations in advance.

For covering the projects in the Internet of Things our company has created the product Kizzi which connects individual areas in order to provide maximum comfort when working with information.