IoT Local solution


The IoT local solution is one way of using the internal technology infrastructure of a client to its full extent. When choosing this service implementation, the maximum cooperation of providers and the customers professionals are required. This is necessary because it is usually about working with data sources which have an impact on key areas, alteration, introduction of new safety standards and organizational processes. This activity can increase the amount of time it takes for deployment. This is compensated by having the full control of the subscribed service, and so the solution meets the high requirements for internal data security which can be different for the particular aims of an implementation.


The architecture of the local solution



Our company developed a smart assistant called Kizzi for the Internet of Things. We offer this as an option to clients to install and provide services also on their technological infrastructure. And even in case, their internal administration is under outsourcing by another company which they have a contract on administration of this technology with. This implementation requires a thorough analysis of the demands from the data sources view, used means and the extent of information processing so there is a guaranteed response of the system even during high loads. The level and quality are defined in the service contract for every client.

The advantage
of this solution
  • Installation on the existing infrastructure of a customer

  • Data and information stored internally

  • Guarantee of meeting internal safety rules

  • Direct connection with the client's system

  • Control of the operation of the physical layer of infrastructure

  • The optimization of the data flow towards the external systems

the solution
  • Enterprises with their own technology infrastructure

  • Organizations requiring a specific degree of security of their information

  • Companies without an internet connection

  • Companies always requiring immediate and guaranteed system response

  • Providers of Internet of Things without their own solution