KIZZI platform


KIZZI is a modern, easily adopted and user friendly virtual digital assistant which enables a comprehensive and detailed view of the environment of things. It works with sensors, measured data and external sources easily, it enables mathematical analysis and displays information in clear graphs. The KIZZI platform connects all information in one unit and gives the option to manage external systems but also serves as a source of data sent for further processing. It is designed to be highly modular, so it is possible to simply provide sufficient performance for data processing in unexpected situations or in the case of fast growth. These qualities make KIZZI a product with a wide spectrum of use from small installations for household management to a unified platform of integration.


The use of the KIZZI platform is ideal for the sensors we supply but it is also possible to use it as themain interface for sensors from any other producer which uses the same data transfer technology. By using defined interfaces, it is also possible to connect it to external databases, analytical and statisticaltools of leading producers.

High availability

KIZZI is operating on infrastructure with redundancy, if any component fails there will be no impact to the quality of the supplied service. The utilized infrastructure technologies are designed for particular elements of the application and the database layer supplied from multiple sources at the same time.


KIZZI communicates with external systems through secured channels and the collected data is stored encrypted without the possibility of an unauthorized person accessing it. The management of sensitive personal details is implemented in accordance with the European Union regulation GDPR.


KIZZI is designed to be
resistant and manage a maximum load of parallel information processing.
It uses multi node
architecture and all data are storing to fast memory which creates the basis of an elastic technological infrastructure with the possibility
of dynamic balancing.


It is possible to connect KIZZI with devices communicating using defined industrial standards and application protocols. The connection of all devices also depends on kind of data formats and file systems. Integrated in this way, it provides data to mobile clients, applications and to elements used in solutions for the Internet of Things.

The digital smart assistant KIZZI helps citizens, advises companies, gives important information to farmers, alerts about events and predicts situations. It is an invaluable helper in the world of information.

Made by company System Nine Ltd.