IoT Cloud solution


The IoT Cloud solution allows for a fast implementation of the Internet of Things for various purposes. An advantage of this set up is low investment costs with preset monthly fees. The maximum responsibility for safety and data protection lies on the side of the service provider. This benefit is valued by the majority of customers who don't have any experience with the Internet of Things and who are not sure to what extent this technology will be beneficial for them. The service is also suitable for customers who don't have the option to operate their own infrastructure and to maintain it but want the information which will help them gain the competitive advantage in the area of their business.


The architecture of cloud solutions



Our company supplies the Internet of Things as a service of our own solution the smart assistant Kizzi. Kizzi has been created to provide the simplest deployment for the clients from the beginning. All the components and modules of Kizzi have been designed as a cloud product operated in our data centers. The components of the technology infrastructure are adjusted for the maximum load when processing measured data and also for an easy recognition without any impact on the quality of the supplied service which is defined in the contract for every client.

Advantages of the solution
  • Fast installation

  • Clear pricing policy

  • Minimal investment cost

  • Guaranteed availability

  • Easy usage without the necessary technology knowledge

  • Simple propagation

Usage of the solution
  • Small startup companies

  • Households in family houses or flats

  • Piloting and testing authentication of the technologies

  • Getting to know the Internet of Things

  • Companies without the option of using their own technology infrastructure