About us

The System Nine Company Ltd. is a specialist in Information Technologies and data processing.


System Nine was established in 2016 as a genuine Czech technology company with its main office in Prague. It went through a dynamic development in the first year which determined the course of the company in the following years when we started to develop our own products for information and data collection. Nowadays we are able to deliver technologies covering the physical device, as well as the software for processing solutions, analysis and predictive planning. We are progressively expanding our activities throughout the world and thanks to an interesting pricing policy we can deliver solutions to the international market. We choose data centers for our own system operation whose locations have been selected with an emphasis on the quality of the supplied services to our customers. The company's good name is spread by the employees who are active as external consultants in Czech as well as foreign organizations with a specialization in data center construction, the Internet of Things and technology infrastructure. We promote the goals and visions of System Nine clearly and they are a part of the company's strategy.


The satisfied

We do our best so that our customers respect us and return to us because they are satisfied with our professional approach. We are a company which is good to cooperate with and which also meets oral contracts.

The satisfied

We care about our employees, look after them and listen to them. We know a satisfied employee is the grounds for a prospering company and that's why we discuss our steps clearly.


We are developing our products, so we can be proud of them. We are always interested in our customer's opinion and try to deliver solutions which are really smart and not just slick.


We are a company which is constantly developing, and we regard every experience including a negative one as inspiring and important for future progress. We know how to learn from mistakes and we like to learn and get better.

Our main goal is to create access for the wider public to the modern technologies with minimum knowledge and low initial investment. We would like Information Technologies not to be seen as expensive "toys" but to be useful wherever they can be beneficial.

That's how we work


We follow simple yet essential rules. Anything we do has to make sense and have a goal. An integral part of our work is listening and being conscious about the wishes, needs, ideas and visions of our customers. With this information we prepare a detailed solution design including expense calculation and time schedule with clearly set milestones. During the whole product and solution creation process we remind ourselves why we are creating something and who our customer is. We speak our customer's language and we take care to ensure they understand what we say and do. Before presenting the product, we test everything according to predefined and approved scenarios. We explain everything personally and hand it over, working and documented. In the case of agreed support, we set the amount of cooperation and the means of execution. We take pleasure in seeing our customers satisfied and that's why we listen to their remarks which we process subsequently in order to provide a better quality of our service. We provide our expertise to the customers' "hands”, so they can fully occupy themselves with the activities they know best and that are important for them.


Our values guarantors


System Nine Ltd. is a company employing IT specialists with over 15 years of experience in Information Technologies. Their expertise and qualification are the guarantee for professionalism and the quality of our services.


Martin Čevela
CEO & co-founder

After the graduation at The Czech Technical University in Prague he worked as a solution architect on the implementation of many projects in Information Technologies. His expertise knowledge and experience gained by many years of practice with managing international teams help him now in directing his own company where he is the Technical Manager.

Marek Brejník

He graduated at The University of Agriculture in Prague, during his studies he was programming business inteligent systems and creating applications. He worked as a solution architect in international organizations where he gained experience in mobile applications graphic design. He employs these experience as the Business consultant in his own company.